Where I’ve Been and What I’m Planning

Dear readers and animation fans everywhere,

First of all I want to say I’m incredibly sorry for my long-time absence from this site.  Being a senior in high school I’ve had to put blogging and writing to the side as I’ve been running on my high school’s cross country team, doing my college applications, and keeping up with my AP work.  This leaves me with very little free time and since this is the only senior year I’m ever going to have I’ve dedicated almost all the spare time on my hands to enjoying it as well as creating my own artwork.  Therefore I decided I’d rather take some time off from posting rather than rush to get them done on time so I can give the posts the highest level of quality and thought possible.
However I really miss writing new posts and spending as much time on animation as I want to.  I’m anxious to get back in the swing of things on 50 Scenes and I plan on resuming posts as soon as my cross country season ends and the workload of my applications winds down.  My plan is to start putting up a new post around every week starting sometime either in the second half of November or December.

Thank you for your patience and I appreciate your understanding of how much time, thought, and energy the process of doing these blogs requires.


All the best,

Grayson Ponti


One Response to “Where I’ve Been and What I’m Planning”

  1. Hey Grayson,

    Just wanted to say thanks for your previous blog ’50 Most Influential Disney Animators’. It gives truly brilliant insight. I only stumbled upon this blog recently and can only imagine you must be still very busy. It would be great to see more posts eventually.

    What are you doing now?
    How is your journey towards animation going?

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